For the coming new year I want to try something very different with my hair. I've had kinda short hair before and I really liked it, but my friend that cuts my hair normally refuses to give me a pixie cut or anything to short.

So I'm planning on going to a salon and getting my hair cut super short. I have thick medium 2c hair, but when I went shorter before it straighten out more than anything. Though I still had to fight frizz with my bangs which were the longest part. My profile pic is what my hair looks like now when I've styled it to within an inch of its life. Normally it looks more like the pic I attached.

So though I'm really want to go with the super short look I wanted to get some feedback. And I guess I just want someone to tell me what they think objectively because my friends and family are horrified that I would try this, I want to know if you think it would look bad and why you think that or if you think I could rock it. I want something like these

the first pic is my favorite despite the name lol and I'm really hoping it can look more like that.

I'm also considering highlights but I've never dyed my hair before and I'm not even sure where to start. suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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