I have a friend who is white with straight hair and she takes in foster kids. When she had a little AA boy she asked me for advice for his hair. I told her the easiest thing would be to get it cut short then I came her some products and a good brush. Then she got a little puerto rican girl with super curly hair. She didn't ask me for advice but that child's hair was suffering. She wasn't even moisturizing the girl's hair. I didn't want to butt in but finally I started dropping hints here and there. Then I gradually moved into buying "presents" that would include conditioners, wide tooth combs, ect. Much better and my friend was amazed how the girl's hair starting growing overnight.
I told my friend just to use leave in conditioner to style since the girl is two years old but unfortunately someone else told my friend to buy mousse and it just looks awful and greasy. I'm still working on that one
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.