Maybe the question should be "How do you explain to people they have their OWN hair pattern?"

I have never, ever seen anyone with my fickle curls and kinks. Never. I can assume, however, that I would be feeling damn confident or maybe it would just make my day, for someone to say,"Oooooh. How do I get hair like YOURS? So pwetty."

If I get a compliment from someone who clearly has curls (or their curls are desperate to break free "get me outta here" style lol) or obviously can rock a kinky,curly, natural look, I have no problems dropping hints n techniques depending on what I see before me.
Actually, helping out all curlies feels good. So maybe you could be like,"Well all curly hair isn't the same, but maybe try this: point a, b, and, c."

Then again, it may be difficult when you have so many fans