I have beenwondering if a hairdresser that specializes in curly/wavy hair can style (like applying products, and techniques like diffusing) curlyhair better than when someone does their own hair. And by someone, I mean someone like on this site that knows about curly hair. I thought since they specialize in curly hair and deal with it often they would be better at styling.

Of course, I can be completely wrong especially since I have never gone to a hair salon that knows about curly/wavy hair aside from using a curling iron. Ijust wondering about this for specialevents since my hair tends to be a hit or miss.
Hair pattern:Wavy
Texture: mainly coarse hair with some medium strands
Porosity: Normal and High porosity
Re-CGed (modified) April 2011
Cowash: Suave Ocean Breeze
Rinse Out: GF's Triple conditioner
Other products: HEBE and grapeseed oil
Occasional Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo