I forgot to answer the questions.

1. For me, it grows out well. It can take 4-6 months before it starts to look crazy and time for another cut again.

3. I stopped using their products when they changed their formulas. The products used to be really good. I still have some of the old stuff left, but I simply conditioner wash and use aloe vera gel etc.

Also, the only way that your hair may appear shorter is due to the curl definition. They won't remove length. But due to the curls becoming more spiraly...
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Now when you say it looks crazy...

You said you stopped getting the cuts, how long did it take you to "grow it out"? Did it really look crazy when you stopped getting the cuts? Seeing as how my BC was 10 months ago, I don't want to be forced to grow something else out if I decide I don't want another Quidad cut.

I'm thinking about scheduling a cut for this week - because the thought of less density to deal with and my hair laying more downwards with *thrills* me, and I want it done for Christmas. But I don't want to regret it.

And what did it look like straight?

My hair doesn't look as dense when I straighten it...


Do you have pics of your Quidad cut days or the time you were growing it out?
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