I can't wait to try this. It has been awhile since I've been excited to try a new product.
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kam, how are these products for volume? I'm loving more volume since I got my little bob.
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Angel, I think you'd like it. You know how some products just give your hair a good shape, now that you have your bob?? My hair is longer then I like. It still looked great when I went for my last cut, so he only trimmed it after the highlight. (I had too many commitments and had to go for my regular appt.) When I say my hair was FABULOUS, there was nothing that wasn't good about it--the shape, the curls, the non existence of frizz, the way it felt like there was no product in it AND the compliments! I had a woman ask me if that was my hair. She was a curly with flat ironed hair. Said if she could have hair like mine, she'd wear it curly. All of her friends who were with her agreed.
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