Ok here is what I did.I didn't wash my hair at all for 2 days. (Ok this kills me. I wash my hair every day.)Then last night following advice here I co washed with VO5 Tea therapy or whatever it's called. Smelled yummy.
THen I very carefully combed it through with a wide tooth comb.After that I blotted with a towel.Instead of my usual attack with the towel. And after my hair dried.It looked shorter. But the curls that had disappeard were there. AND there is this spot on the back of my head that is usually a ginormous frizzball no matter what I do and it wasnt there.Ok so there wasnt any style to it. But I was just happy not to see that frizz.Of course I woke up and my hair was a mess. But it was nice while it lasted. It is just awesome to know that there may be hope for my hair.LOL