^That was very informative. That makes a lot of sense that we fine tune our stylingtechniques since we spend a lot of time experimenting. Maybe it might be trickier to deal with curly hair because of taking intoaccount porosity, density and other factors? I notice from this forum that people’s haircan react differently to products and techniques even with similar hair propertiesso that could complicate things probably.

Whoa, dry combing hair? That sounds like a horrible disaster. Maybe it’s this site but Ijust don’t understand how she could think combing her hair dry would be a goodidea. After one or two strokes could the stylist not see the damage done? Yikes.

After reading your comments,I think I might have to look around for a new stylist later on. I have beenhesitant in the past to ask past hairdressers about their techniques for myhair and make suggestions. They seem to react a bit insulted. However, I might haveto inquire about technique because I want to avoid any hair surprise disasters.I have had too many of those.

Sadly I rarely like it when a stylist does my hair. There's always something about it that I just don't care for - I honestly get better results when I do it myself. Even when I go to a curly hair salon. I've had years to experiment with products and techniques so I know exactly what my hair likes and doesn't like. Stylists never seem to get it right.

The WORST was when I went to a salon in Toronto that had great reviews for cutting hair. They didn't specialize in curly hair, but I thought that since they got rave reviews I'd leave looking awesome. Not so. I walked in with my hair styled and the people at the front desk were all remarking on how great my curls looked. When I left my hair was a frizzy poofy mess. The girl at the counter actually looked aghast and said hopefully "Do you like it?" It was so bad compared to how I walked in it was laughable. Even the stylist looked kind of disappointed - I felt bad for him. As soon as I walked out of the salon I pulled it up into a ponytail and rushed home to wash it.
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Thanks foranswering. I have heard people say theyhad a better experience with more upscale salons, and I always wonderedsince. I have not tried a curly hairsalon, because I can’t afford it at the moment, and I am very, very skeptical andcynical (from bad experiences).
Your badexperience is absolutely what I am afraid of for sure. That sounds terrible. Ihave heard of a few Toronto salons that are supposed to be great. I’ll go infor a hair cut later on but stick to styling my own hair especially since myhair can be so fickle.

Hair pattern:Wavy
Texture: mainly coarse hair with some medium strands
Porosity: Normal and High porosity
Re-CGed (modified) April 2011
Cowash: Suave Ocean Breeze
Rinse Out: GF's Triple conditioner
Other products: HEBE and grapeseed oil
Occasional Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree triple treat shampoo