Whenever I want to work out my abs I have a few exercises I do. I have learned these from my coaches throughout my 2 years of wrestling for my school. Pretty basic but I'm not complaining with the results.

You have your basic sit ups; Feet planted on the ground and coming all the way down and back up.

Crunchies: You legs should form a 90 degree angle in the air, with this you should come all the way up to your knees never fully touching the ground.

Jack Knives: Putting your legs straight in the air while your butt is still touching the ground. Work towards touching your toes then come all the way back down and repeat.

V-Ups: These are a variation of the Jack Knives. Instead of leaving your legs straight up, the will come down with you 6 inches. So you bring your legs straight up while reaching towards then, this time while your back is returning to the ground so do your legs but hold them 6 inches do not drop your legs completely.

6 Inches: Literally as it states just holding your legs up 6 inches. In this you you may add sub work outs to this including: Bicycles, Scissors and Choppies.
Bicycles: I think are pretty self explanatory. While doing the 6 inches act as if you were on a bicycle.
Scissors: While doing the 6 inches cross your feet over and under eachother.
Choppies: While still doing the 6 inches moving your legs up and down never touching the ground and never exceeding 1 foot.

Supermans: Pretty sure this is the exact same as planking. Lay on the ground tighten your tummy, keep your feet off the ground and hold your handing in front of you, as if you were superman!

Push up, Push ups, Push ups!: Not only does this work your abs, but it's obviously great for your arms as well. Don't be limited to traditional push ups. I have a list of different ones in this category too if you want them.

I hope this helped :3
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How many reps do u do of each?
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The lowest rep for all should be 15 then switch to another, never stopping. Just straight working out no breaks for at least 20minutes, if you can do more that's even better. As for the superman and 6 inches, the first goal is 1 minute, then adding 30seconds there after reaching the goal.

Another thing I like to do is for 1 minute see how many sit ups I can do. Then move on to a reps of maybe 15 Jack Knives followed by 15 V-Ups. Then see how many crunchies I can do in a minute. Turn it over and do 15 push ups. Then flip it over 15 - what have you.

It's really what you find comfortable/challenging enough for yourself. It's all about pushing yourself. Also you don't have to set the bar as low/high as I do. If you can only do 5, then that's great you know just keep working til that number gets higher! Or if you can do 15 and that's just a breeze, up the rep.

This is just for me personally but anytime I "up" anything it is by :30seconds or by 5's in reps.