Swirlycurly Chemist, you should do presentations in high school! I would have paid way more attention in chemistry if I'd known how much it would mean to my HAIR, hee.


Actually, I'm pointing out the logic behind DevaCurl's ingredient design. And so many people seem to be so worked up about the amodimethicone in OneCondition.
I guess I'm still confused by what that logic is. From what I thought I'd gathered, the amodimethicone in One Condition can be removed by the gentler shampoos, but it still can't be removed by No Poo or conditioner. Lorraine Massey recommends washing with No Poo or Conditioner, then comes out with this single conditioner—and pops up in an interview to say (stretching my credulity in any case, but let that pass) that NO other products on the market meet her standards for recommending them to curly-heads—that will build up unless you use another brand of cleanser.

On the other hand, I guess a lot of people seem to be using the line successfully. But One Condition sure doesn't work for me without shampoo.