LOL...My hair does take forever to dry. So I guess that makes me low porosity.
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With curly hair, LONG is relative. If it takes you a long time to dry, then your hair is not porous. So, you have a starting point.

I've only been using products for 4 years. Once I found out what my hair likes, by experimenting with just about every CG product discussed on and finding the right techniques, my winter wavy/summer 3a hair became more consistent (it looks like my signature picture every day.) My hair prefers the more natural products. It's all about getting the protein/moisture balance right.

If you are getting great curls after you hairdresser styles, then you probably have a good haircut--the foundation to everything. Now it's just learning about your hair, what it likes and experimenting to find what works for you.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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