Any treatment with Aldehyde for Formeldahyde straightens my hair no matter how small the percentage. Even that Organix brand did purchased from CVS (NOT to be confused with Organiq). :P

I have a huge 33oz bottle QOD Max Orginial if you want to do an exchange. I've only used it 2 times. I really want the Organiq one I don't care if it's Gold or Max.
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OMG...seriously? I would love that. I prefer the Gold original, but I guess I'd settle for the Max if that's all I can get. I would probably take enough out of my bottle for a couple of applications, too, because I really would like to try it and see just how effective it would be on my hair. I'll weigh my bottle after I do that so you'd know exactly how much you would be getting. Plus, there's almost a $60 difference in the price between Gold and Max. How would you want to handle that?

I have the Organix shampoo from CVS, which I use every couple of months, but I'd never even bother with the treatment. I can hear my hair laughing an evil laugh at just the thought of it.
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