I am 1 month natural after 4 months of transitioning. I've kind of got a regimen, but my hair is dry and rough feeling by the end of the day. Not even a spritz of water helps it, it just gets even more dry. It's like my hair is only like 4 inches long and near the roots, it's nice, soft and it hold a silky coil all day even without product, but my ends are frizzy, rough, makes my hair look like a picked out fro.
  1. I co-wash every morning with Hello Hydration or Tresseme Naturals
  2. (I'm planning on getting Giovanni Direct Leave-in), but for now, I moisturize with my conditioner and seal with coconut oil
  3. At night, I rub some cocont oil on my ends, but twice a week, I baggy, and of couse a satin scarf
  4. I cleanse once a week with Shea Moisture Retention shampoo and deep condition with Mixed Chicks, but it doesn't work well
  5. As for protein, my hair doesn't prefer it, but i know it's important and since my hair breaks easily, I do Mega Tek once a month

And by the way, I really haven't had a detangling session, because I'm too scared that I'm gonna rip all my hair out. I have thick 4a hair with fine strands.