I am 1 month natural after 4 months of transitioning. I've kind of got a regimen, but my hair is dry and rough feeling by the end of the day. Not even a spritz of water helps it, it just gets even more dry. It's like my hair is only like 4 inches long and near the roots, it's nice, soft and it hold a silky coil all day even without product, but my ends are frizzy, rough, makes my hair look like a picked out fro.
  1. I co-wash every morning with Hello Hydration or Tresseme Naturals
  2. (I'm planning on getting Giovanni Direct Leave-in), but for now, I moisturize with my conditioner and seal with coconut oil
  3. At night, I rub some cocont oil on my ends, but twice a week, I baggy, and of couse a satin scarf
  4. I cleanse once a week with Shea Moisture Retention shampoo and deep condition with Mixed Chicks, but it doesn't work well
  5. As for protein, my hair doesn't prefer it, but i know it's important and since my hair breaks easily, I do Mega Tek once a month

And by the way, I really haven't had a detangling session, because I'm too scared that I'm gonna rip all my hair out. I have thick 4a hair with fine strands.
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Hmm, well of the things you mentioned I know that my hair does not like Hello Hydration or coconut oil. HH was reformulated and whatever change they made makes my hair feel very dry. Coconut oil makes my hair feel crispy. Have you tried any other oils? Tressemme Naturals is an awesome conditioner for me, but I usually moisture with a mixture of aloe vera juice, water, and evoo in a spray bottle. My hair likes it a lot. If I am not mistaken, Hello Hydration has a cone in it. That could be contributing to the dryness you are feeling. Doing protein treatments won't do you any favors if you don't have a moisturizing routine down yet. It could make the situation worse.