Great ideas everyone!

I've too have been experiencing this lately and am not sure if it's dandruff, product buildup, or dare I say it, a fungus.
How can I figure out which one I have?

If I go to scratch my scalp, I get white gunk under my nails. I've been using the same products & routine for at least a month now, and I'm also pretty careful to not get my leave-in nor my gel close to my roots.

I wonder if it's my KCCC poo or Suave Naturals co-wash building up. Could it even be from when I wash my face because the worst of it is along my hair line. Gels can cause flakes/buildup too, right? Has anyone experienced this with HESMU?

I've tried doing TTO mixed with ACV and I've tried a brown sugar scrub.
I think I'll use Kenra clarifying poo next showertime and stop co-washing for a while and see if that helps.
What do you guys think?
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This sounds a lot like my problem too. My itchiest, flakiest spots are around my hairline, especially right above and behind my ears and along my neck. I don't have it on the top of my head or on my crown and the thought did cross my mind that it might be my face wash (though I don't use that near the back of my neck). I thought about buildup too and used a baking soda rinse at one point which seemed to help a bit. I just bought a small bottle of Nizoral and I used it today. I seemed to have less itching, so I will continue to use it every few days until the bottle is gone at least, to see if it works. If not, I might try the coconut oil next.
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The affected areas you described are classic symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis.

SD has a fungal component, so something with anti-fungal properties is your best bet, namely the Nizoral. I have to use shampoos with coal tar.......can be very drying and doesn't smell so hot, but it works.

I've had this condition since I was 12 (I'm 41 now) and I've learned that control is the best way to keep outbreaks to a minimum. Meaning, as soon as I notice increased itching/flaking/inflammation, I use my medications immediately. SD will wax and wane.....the more u stay on top of flare-ups, the longer ur remission periods will be.

A lot of ppl think the intense itching/flaking from SD means dryness.....but oftentimes the affected areas are greasy and oily. I know if I let my flareups go w/out intervention, the affected areas will "weep" a greasy oily exudate. All the affected areas of SD (hairline, nose corners, scalp, behind ears, chest) are sebum-producing areas of the body.

I try to combat the drying effects of the shampoos by cowashing before and after....using olive oil and deep conditioning etc. The Deva stylist who cut me last suggested that I try to keep the shampoo on the scalp only....which is hard but does help.

Also, when using the medicated shampoos.....wash/leave on for 3-5 mins/rinse out/wash a second time.....really helps for bad cases. Wreaks havoc on curly hair but REALLY gets the inflammation down. My derm specified this and it really does help. If u don't want to subject ur hair to 2 shampoos, leaving the lather on ur scalp, PUTTING ON A PLASTIC CAP and letting the lather sit on ur scalp for a bit works wonders too.

I hope this helps someone....mine is sort of severe esp back in the day when my parents refused to let me get medical help for this. I get it on my chin, forehead, neck, and my eyebrows, too. If I let flareups go on w/out intervention, I get mild hair loss in the front. I'm not Caucasian, so when it goes into remission it leaves pale patches and I look like I have vitiligo. And if I really let things go, it actually becomes PAINFUL--the areas literally become raw, weepy, bright red and inflamed.

Luckily my derm loads their pts up with samples of skin meds, esp uninsured pts like me. This plus nipping flare-ups in the bud have really kept mine under control.

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