How do you make a tea rinse? I really need to do a ayurvedic treatment but am pressed for time, it being the holidays and I don't have time for a full one. I need a recipe that would give me an ayurvedic effect without time intensive input.

Happy Holidays!
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I personally use a coffee maker. I do 2-3 cups at a time, and use 1T per cup, SLIGHTLY more (like 1.5T for a stronger brew). You can also use cheesecloth or empty tea bags if you have them, but the coffee maker is easiest for me. Take your mix, brew or steep it, then wet the head and pour it over. I oil my hair first, same as when I do a paste. Leave the hair alone (don't manipulate it) for your preferred period of time. I tend to do 20-25 minutes; iron clothes, etc. in the meantime. Then I rinse and follow with a cowash.

Hope that helps some! Happy Holidays!!