I can commiserate with you. I had my hair cut just after Christmas and have been fighting with it ever since. When I went it was an evening appt.(school hols so couldn't go during the day) and my hair was loose (and behaving for once), usually I have a morning appt. so just tie it back when I get up and head off to the salon. This means that it was the first time in a long time that my hd had seen my hair as it usually is. I asked her to cut more shape to it ie shorter at the front, longer at the back - this is how I usually have it, but it's very subtle. Anyway she said she could probably cut a fair bit off the front, round my face, as the curl is a lot looser there than the sides and back, which is true, so I said ok. I panicked as soon as she started cutting, but alas too late to stop her and like I said - fighting ever since. My hair tends towards 3b, so of course the shorter it is, the curlier it is and I basically think I resemble a poodle. It just won't sit right and I can't bear it. I've either had it curly and tied back (lots of gel, hairspray and clips) or straightened. I like my hair straight but I like to have a chioce about it, atm I just don't. The shortest bits at the front are about 2 inches past my chin and at the back it's about 3 inches above bsl, way too much difference. I'm going for a trim and colour on Friday, so hopefully she can even it up a bit, of course then it will all be far too short for my liking, but what can you do!