I think you'd look great in any of those cuts, but, like MiniJoanna, I prefer the second and third ones! With your features, the short hair would really highlight your eyes and bone structure.

I've worn my hair really short most of my adult life (I had no idea that I had waves, and felt like short cuts would help with what I thought were just terrible cowlicks!), and always loved how modern I felt and how easy it was to style. Like MiniJoanna said, you just have to really be confident and not let others bother you with comments about how women "should" have longer hair.

Have you been to a Deva-trained stylist before? If not, that might be a good place to go for this kind of cut since a curly specialist would be able to give you a short pixie that works with your curls. She or he would also be able to make recommendations about what kind of highlights would work with the cut you decide on.

Good luck, and keep us posted!
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