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Anyway, so here I am a few weeks out and I would say I see some definite pluses, and a huge minus.

I'll start with the huge negative. I have 3c pretty frizz and tangle prone hair. The original formula's small straightening action helped settle that down enough so I could do wash and go's with heavy leave in conditioner. That was life changing for me. With the organiq formula, I tried that right after the first application but it didn't work like it usually does.. my roots remained unruly, and frizz was ever present.

So I'm relegated to my old blow drying routine. I will admit that with this new formula drying time is still reduced, frizzing AFTER blow drying and some straighter action on my bangs is significantly reduced. And finally, if I straighten my whole hair it is sleek and pretty. On the other hand, I still had some residual straightening effect from my prior original QOD application, so that probably contributed.

In conclusion, I agree with keratin4u, it is quite a nice natural look. I also think this is a great solution for those that are always wanting a mild treatment and nothing to change their curls-- THIS IS the answer for those.

For those of us who's hair is too crazy for this small warrior, I think it would've been a great sort of in-between applications solution. As in, original QOD every 6 or 8 months, and this organiq mask in between.
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Thanks for the followup! The problem is that the original formulas are no longer available anywhere. Believe me, I've been trying!!! While I don't wash-n-wear, I still need more of the curl-relaxing properties of the original than it sounds like the Organiq offers. Ugh. Maybe it's time to look into another brand because life-changing also describes what QOD has done for me as well and I can't imagine going back to life before BKT.
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