Mine- (regarding my 3b/c hair)
"wait, is your hair real?"
Yes, yes it is.
"are you sure?"
I'm pretty sure...
"well white girls can't have hair like that."
Well.....mind explaining what this here on my head is then?


Guy: I think super curly hair is sexy, like on a victorias secret model
Me: I've never seen a VS model with super curly hair...
Guy: like this *points to a model with big curling iron waves*
Me: Thats not super curly, I have curly hair
Guy: No, your hair is big and kinky. She has p*** star curls, you have carrot top curls.

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Originally Posted by wholelottalove
LOL!! your first situation is hilarious, same thing happens to me too.. people always think I am African American especially since I have a deep voice LOL!!
"Life is too short to keep your hair short"

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