thank you ladies for your advice. I had no idea the products I'm using are wrong for my hair! I ditched the coconut oil and am using BB's Pineapple and Guava while I wait til I get castor oil.
I will try Yes To Carrots cuz I've tried GF Triple, but it just doesn't work for me.
My leave-in is KC Knot Today, which works excellent and my moisturizer is Curls Creme Brulee, which is okay,but dries out by the end of the day. I need a good daily moisturizer too.
I haven't clarified at all since my big chop, simply because I'm afraid of dryness, but I will do that tomorrow and see if that helps. I haven't even detangled my hair thoroughly either.
I think I have low porousity: takes a while for my hair to get wet, and takes half the day to dry.
And i was going to get Giovanni DI, but is the SAS (smooth as silk?) really pack more moisture?
And does Aussie 3 Minute have cones? What's a cone-free deeo conditioner?
Sorry I have so many questions