Laurabeth -
Thank you! That is just the info I've been looking for!!
Especially the part about the Low-poo
(and I thought I'd followed people like Juliehoosier when they gave Devasalon feedback, but I missed that!)

I really feel like I need SOMETHING to get even the "CG friendly" gels and One Cond out of my hair once in a while, even though the No-poo gets my scalp clean just great. (And of course being a product-junkie, there's unCG stuff in my hair sometimes, too.)

And no SIL-LY cones for me at all!

As for the Hard Water - I have a water softener, but still get build up on my hair and faucets, eventually. The straight AVC gets the deposits off of the faucets, so isn't it working on my hair when diluted??

I'm really curious about this!!
Are there any poos/products which will remove minerals without trashing our hair?

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