I was able to see my shipping before I placed my order. I dropped item in my cart and went to checkout. It showed me shipping there.

That is actually what stopped me from ordering. I was going to get the Darcy's Pumpkin Condish. Sale took it to $9. Shipping? $9.40. No sale for me! I sell stuff on ebay as just a pedestrian, single user/non corporate and know what my non-corporate rates are and they are less that that! I guess the difference is that I do not use shipping as a revenue stream.

Ordering a single item from CM even with a discount, for me, is a bad idea with shipping charges like that. I'd pay $6-ish for a $9 item, but almost $10?? Seriously, it could practically come to me Express Mail overnight for that charge!

eta: Just went back to see if I was wrong on my price vs. shipping. I was so corrected above. Once you go to checkout, verify shipping and billing info, you will see shipping options. Prices will be there.
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