I admire women who go without. It shows a sense of confidence and thumbing of the nose at gender expectations. We don't expect men to wear makeup to look finished or polished, so holding women to a different standard just plays into sexist roles.

Makeup is fun. But, if I ever get to a point where I think I need it to function in daily life, you all need to come over here and slap some sense into me.

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Tsk, tsk...this is the "say it..." thread. This is clearly a nuanced disagreement "response" to my post above.

I don't "expect" women or men to *do* anything. I'm not "holding" anyone else to any standard. I, myself, said that not wearing it suggests a level of confidence, of which I am envious. I look better with makeup and am treated more respectfully when I do wear it, so that's how *I* choose to represent myself publicly.

To pretend that most of us don't play into sexist roles by improving our appearance one way or another is ludicrous--whether it be by wearing flattering, often gender-specific clothing; combing/styling/coloring/washing our hair; bathing; shaving/waxing; brushing our teeth; wearing fragrance; grooming our nails; etc. To do none of these things would show the ultimate display of self-confidence, right? Why not just roll out of bed each day and hit the ground running...right out the door? Because we and others hold ourselves and others to standards...those standards just vary from person to person and, more truthfully, from moment to moment. As in, one moment, you're on nc.com critiquing my personal opinion for "playing into sexist roles" and "holding others to standards" and in the next moment you're preening in the mirror applying Dior Show mascara and fluffing up your curls....

If anyone wants to come and slap some sense into me...bring it. Better bring your "A" game, though.

Mostly, this was just an experiment to see how quickly someone would violate the rules of this thread, which are supposed to allow people to freely speak their minds without reproach. I didn't think so for one second, so I consider my experiment a success.
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