I am not a fan of drugstore makeup and I finally realized the most important reason (although that did not stop me from trying out an NYX lipstick last week, but that's another story): I am skeeved out about the fact that folk open up the regular products to use as testers, and are shameless about it. I was in ULTA and wanted to buy NYX Eros lipstick, and try another one since they were on sale. While I was there, a woman was opening the eye pencils and trying them out. Several of them. In Target last week, a woman was polishing her nails with a bottle she grabbed from the shelf. And in another store, every single lipstick in the CoverGirl section had been opened, and some visibly tried out. Why do people do that?!? One being opened is bad enough, but why EVERY. SINGLE. ONE?!? Is the fourth tube of Berry Bling lipstick any different than the first? Just. UGH. Forget about it. Give me my stuff from behind a counter with controlled access any day.

And here I was trying to go low-maintenance. I can't. Not if that is what I have to look forward to.
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