I haven't clarified at all since my big chop, simply because I'm afraid of dryness, but I will do that tomorrow and see if that helps.
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I find this odd because for me not clarifying is the number one cause of dryness because when I get buildup the moisture can no longer get to my strands.
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All right! I clarified today with the VO5 Kiwi clarifying shampoo, and I did notice right after rinsing it off, my hair was curling up nicely. So then, I slathered on a homemade deep conditioning treatment of honey,garlic,olive oil, pineapple and guava oi, GF Triple Nutrition Conditioner, and shea butter (it turned out creamy) and let it sit for 30 minutes while I a plastic cap and hats on my head, and omygosh! My hair feels a lot different. Like I have curls now. and they are soft!
I followed with Knot Today leave-in and Curls Creme Brulee.
Thank you for suggesting a clarify. Now, I need to do that once a month?