I haven't clarified at all since my big chop, simply because I'm afraid of dryness, but I will do that tomorrow and see if that helps.
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I find this odd because for me not clarifying is the number one cause of dryness because when I get buildup the moisture can no longer get to my strands.
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All right! I clarified today with the VO5 Kiwi clarifying shampoo, and I did notice right after rinsing it off, my hair was curling up nicely. So then, I slathered on a homemade deep conditioning treatment of honey,garlic,olive oil, pineapple and guava oi, GF Triple Nutrition Conditioner, and shea butter (it turned out creamy) and let it sit for 30 minutes while I a plastic cap and hats on my head, and omygosh! My hair feels a lot different. Like I have curls now. and they are soft!
I followed with Knot Today leave-in and Curls Creme Brulee.
Thank you for suggesting a clarify. Now, I need to do that once a month?
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I think you should clarify when you feel your products are not working the way they used to. I tend to be a clarify every week girl because I like the squeaky clean before my usual overnight DC. But, I usually only wash/condition/moisturize/seal my hair once a week (you may not do this because you refresh the TWA during the week, I know I did when I was at that length). The rest of the week I leave it alone if I was heavy on the moisturizer and sealant, otherwise I throw some light leave-in or mist on during the week (which can cause build up that needs to be clarified, IMO).

So it is really up to you, but when tried and true products start failing on you, I think clarifying is a good first step before considering a protein or other type of treatment.
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