I have long EXTREMELY thick hair, and people always say, "I bet it takes forever to dry." But nope, I have low porosity, so it starts to dry instantly, and when I use a spray bottle on my hair, the water sits on it until I have enough on and run it through with my hands. I always wondered why my hair dried so quickly, then my best friend became a hair stylist and told me why!
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Hair that dries quickly is porous, not low porosity. The water sitting on your hair would indicate low porosity, but the quick drying time would be porous.

My hair isn't dense anymore (age and thyroid.) When I worked, I'd shower at 6, diffuse for a few minutes, not use any products and it the under layer would still be damp at 11:30.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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