Thanks you all for your replys and support, it's great to be in a place where others understand exactly what this is like!

I decided to put my hair in curlers tonight, on 2nd day hair, so I began sectioning it to slightly wet it before rolling and then I began to notice irregularities ALL OVER the place and the front is not only shorter but on one side it didn't quite connect with the rest of the hair! No hope this way that my curls could ever "settle" so I had to do my best to even out the hair that stuck out. I'm probably going to have to go over it again next time I completely wet it but I know I won't be able to correct it completely because I cannot turn my head and/or bend my hands in the proper way to get the right angle at the back. I wish I could take my head off and put it on a stand (like in the movie "Return to Oz") so I could do it right . Heck, if that was possible I'd cut my own hair all the time!

I know I went to an inexpensive chain salon but we all know here that higher end salons are no guarantee of better cuts unless the stylist really knows curly hair and even if I knew such a salon around here I couldn't afford it. All I know is that I'm not going back to this guy so in probably 3 months I'll start feeling depressed and paranoid trying to figure out where to go next... I already HATE the thought!!! It was easier to do mini-trims when my hair was longer though, so right now I'm thinking of just letting it grow back to shoulder length and that way I will only have to go to a salon twice a year and deal with it myself the rest of the time.
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