I also love these products. I raved about them when i first tried them out. The Satin Roots it satin to my hair. It is a great leave in for my coils. Also the Coil Jam is much like KCCC but way less drying time and no glossy white looking patches throughout my hair is if apply too much. And then I used the sample of the CurlCue ReNew DC she sent me. My hair had really been abused for a couple days and I was so nervous. I applied that DC and it melted my tangles and knots as if it was made for my hair. WOW!!!!
I purchased a full size of the DC a couple days later. It was a little different than the sample size i received. It was still o.k., but just not the same.

BUT,,,,,, I love her products and will continue to purchase them. Great quality. Great smell. and the prices are pretty average for our hair stuff so that is good with me. lol
Lovin my coils and my straight PJ'ism
Been natural for about 3 years but Bc'd July 2010
Oyin hair dew,CJSL, AOMM,OSHP
Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner
Bed Head moisture maniac
Jojoba oil,Amla oil,AVPWHG,
Ojon restorative hair treatment
Mozeke CHB, Fleurzty CNC
CurlyKinks Coil Jam, Satin Roots
Nubian Heritage Mango butter
Ok ok ok........I'll stop for now.