I just bought this today as it was on sale at Target. It just dried out my hair, made it clumpy, weighed it down, and the curls are already gone

Maybe I should have tried the smoothing cream. However, for now I'll just stick with my Fairy Tales. It's more lightweight and doesn't dry me out.

Maybe I just used too much? Perhaps I'll try it again when I run out of my current gel.
-Straight hair until 4/11
-Started CG 12/26/11

Co-wash/RO/LI: Beautiful Curls Leave-In Conditioner for Wavy to Curly Hair
Gel: Beautiful Curls Hair Gel

-cowash/condition/leave-in condition
-comb hair
-supersoak and apply KCCC
-plop for 15-20 min
-plop a pineapple overnight
-just pineapple for second day hair

Short 2b and growing out!
Thanks for reading