I guess the LA Looks Sports gel is the only one I use that has protein (but I don't use it as often as the others). I guess that the regular protein treatments seem to keep my hair at a good level. I do the treatments weekly and that seems to work well for me. I'll keep watching for other protein styling product recommendations as you hear from others.
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Oh right the LA Looks is protein heavy, it's also glycerin heavy and I'm glyc. sensitive during the winter months. I may give it a 2nd try though, maybe the protein will off-set the unwanted heavy/straight haired symptoms I get from Glyc. Thanks!
2B waves/ fine-med texture/normal porosity( I think?) trying to figure out my protein needs

AOGPB, SS Caitlins, Garnier Body Boost Condish
CJ Daily Fix or KC Come Clean
CJ Curl Fix is true LOVE
Love all SS products
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AG MousseGel