More moisture, less protein. Every conditioner you use has some form of protein. Also, I believe CJ Curls in a bottle contains a water-soluble cone.
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Yeah..I was going to say the same thing..cut back on the protein..seriously. Cause wow. LOL!

Also here are a few ways to determine your texture. If the individual strands feel thick..similiar to a thin's coarse. If it's about half's medium. If it's less than that..more you can barely feel it in your's fine.

I would say by your description that while you have a thick density to your hair..that the individual strands are fine. Usually it's easy to know if one strand of your hair feels thick or thin. A lot of tight curlies and kinkies actually have either fine or medium hair but think because their hair is densely packed and hard to moisturize then it must be thick. Can't tell you HOW many times I've seen WOC swearing they have "coarse" or "thick" hair..when they dont. I think it's because when WOC think of coarse hair we've sort of been programmed to think our hair is coarse automatically because of how it looks and that it's not smooth sometimes.

About porosity..if your hair is normal (medium) porosity it will get wet under water at a pretty normal speed. It will hold moisture normally with no problems and be able to support a wide range of products. It almost always feels balanced when properly cared for. If your hair is high porosity it gets wet super easy but gets dry just as quickly...seems like you always have to struggle to keep it moisturized..and sealing is your best friend. Low porosity..seems like it takes a while for the hair to get wet..the water even beads up on top of it seems to get much softer if you use very warm or darn near hot water..but once the hair is feels very dry and maybe hard if it's not moisturized well. It's hard to get it moisturized at all and almost always feels dry if you don't put something very moisturizing on it while it's wet.

If you've dyed your hair with permanent dye for a while..your hair is most likely high porosity. Given, some people just have naturally very porous hair. Doesn't seem like your hair is normal porosity from your description. It might be low and that's why it's having a hard time staying moisturized. Now protein is great for fine hair within reason BUT if your hair is low porosity then you have GOT to find a way to keep it balanced with moisture..and you should lean your products more to moisture and use protein when you feel like your curls need a little boost or if you permanently dye your hair.

I highly..highly recommend a book called: The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy if you haven't gotten it yet. Also a website called that has an excellent e-book about curly hair care for 10 bucks. Both those books can tell you pretty much all you need to know about your curly or kinky hair...well help YOU figure it out.

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