I followed all the directions and then proceeded to rinse out. As I stood under the water, my hair started to feel drier and drier. Very straw-like. Really really straw-like. I almost jumped out of the shower to make sure my hair wasn't falling out. So in my state of panic, I opened the conditioner that came with it and slathered it ALL on very quickly. My hair felt immediately better and just about normal again. I DT'd a couple of days later and everything was fine. I did have some breakage the next week, but I think that was from a coconut oil experiment.

The package says that the conditioner finishes the process. Actually its called a conditioner/activator or something like that. So is this normal? Did it just open the cuticle a lot and the final step closed it? Or is there something in the hair color that my hair just really disliked?
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This is why I wanted to change for Naturatint. The way my hair felt in the shower when rinsing out the color really scared me. I thought it was going to all fall out. It turned out that it didn't, but I wasn't sure if the breakage I had was due to the dye or the coconut oil. It just didn't feel right. The color I used was 4N (natural chestnut). It did come out pretty black, but I don't think it looked shoe-polishy(I know...not a word) and I think it was okay with my complexion.

I dyed again a few weeks ago with Garnier HerbaShine which is semi-permanent. The color continues to come off on my hair 'towel' and the few greys at the crown are light brown and almost showing grey again. I guess I'll be trying something else.

Maybe next time, I'll actually order the Robert Craig and give it a try. My problem is that I wait and wait until I cant wait anymore and then just run out to the drugstore. Maybe if I order it now, I'll have it when I decide I need it.
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