Thanks again for more valuable advice! We have been talking about it for some time now and I have finally decided to start. I will be taking temperatures starting tomorrow even though I know the hormones are still active. How will I know when I'm ovulation again? Do I just have to wait for regular periods or are there other signs?
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Yes, as Amneris says, you need to get a book on the subject, and really study it, if you want NFP (Natural Family Planning - temping, mucus, cervical position, etc.) to work for you. Since you are coming off of Depo Provera, it's possible that you won't ovulate for up to 9-12 months...or you could ovulate right away. It's just so unknown that I STRONGLY recommend you use barrier contraception until you are in a regular ovulatory cycle.
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For sure - if not getting pregnant is a high priority for you and you are just coming off hormones, I agree that you will likely need a back-up method or a very long period of abstaining until you figure out charting. It can take 3-4 normal (your normal) cycles to get the hang of charting, and you may not have your normal cycles immediately, so you should not rely exclusively on charting at the beginning. You also shouldn't wait to see your first period because you ovulate before then - you could catch that first egg and not see a period because you are pregnant.
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