Thank you! I started taking my temp yesterday just to get used to it. I know my hormonal BC still hasn't worn off. Curlylev, even if I don't ovulate at the same time every month, wouldn't I know when I am ovulating based on the temperature, mucus, and other symptoms like pain? When I wasn't using any kind of contraceptive, I always had some kind of pain on one side in the lower abdominal area every month about 10 days before my period. I'm pretty sure that was ovulation. Also, I'm getting married next year so I know he is the person I will be having children with at some point, but I want to be in control of that. I want to have my body in an optimal state when I become pregnant and I can't do that if I become pregnant without planning it.

Those of you who recommended the book TCOYF, who is the author? My amazon search gave me a few books with the same name and different authors..

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The author is Toni Weschler. (I think that is the right spelling.)
And your thinking is correct (see my previous post.)
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