Amneris, you are the reason why I am so confident about this method. My SO has doubts about it, but as soon as he comes home I will have him read your post. If this has worked for you for 7 years and you've been able to get pregnant when you want, I believe in it. I am aware that it will take time to get it right and that we have be to be strict and disciplined about it, but I would much rather make that effort than continue on the hormone stuff. Thanks a lot to everyone for all of your input. Anymore useful information is welcome. I will keep you updated on my journey.
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When I started, I educated my husband about it and he was fascinated as to how a woman's body works, and he has been right on board and it kept him really involved in the whole process.

I am sure most men would ultimately prefer this to having to wear a condom (or not having to wear one often), or knowing you have to stuff yourself with hormones or shove things in and up yourself, when it is the man who is potentially fertile far more days than we are. Charting is also cheap and portable and discreet.

*I don't mean to be disrespectful of other means of birth control - if you want or need to use them, do you, but no one should feel they have to use them when they would rather not if there is another alternative.
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