I had an app on my phone that served almost the same purpose. It was password protected so that anyone who picks up my phone cannot see my info. I am going to check out the site too though. How have you gotten success with only taking your temperature 5-8 days before suspected ovulation? Don't you have to take it everyday?
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Once you know you have O'd, you don't need to temp until you get your period - those are safe days and you are not going to get pregnant once you know your egg is gone. Most people are dry for a few days after their period finishes so some may choose not to temp then either - that's a bigger risk, because there's always the chance your fertility can return earlier than it normally does, so if I were trying hard not to get pregnant I'd be careful with that, but if you always have longer cycles and/or are OK with raising the risk of pregnancy a tiny bit, you might choose to wait to temp until you see cervical mucus. I would never do that.

The only reasons to temp every single day are:

1) to get in the habit and discipline yourself to do it so you don't skip days

2) if you are trying to get pregnant, temping after O can show possible signs of implantation (this is controversial) or if you are conceiving and miscarrying very early on, which can be helpful if you have to see a doctor

3) to have complete charts that can tell you what your body does and what is a normal cycle for you - if after a while you have lots of those, this may be less relevant. I also know people who when they are trying to conceive don't temp once they are sure they have O'd so that they don't obsess about potential implantation signs, etc.

4) if your luteal phase varies (which it usually doesn't, but some people say theirs does), if you are new to charting, or if you are trying to get pregnant, temping after O can show signs that your period is coming so that you can be mentally or physically prepared

I don't recommend not charting every day unless you are a very experienced charter and you are not absolutely adamant about not conceiving. For the first several months, you need to do it every day to really get the hang of it.
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