I have wondered if I'm sensitive to wheat proteins, but it's very hard to tell. I'm sensitive to many things and often get skin reactions on my face, neck and hands from different ingredients. I've found several products that contain wheat proteins also contain aloe. I've often wondered if that's actually the culprit. Now that im paying attention I've found many products that have harmed my hair in the past contain aloe. My hair is a very high porosity and protein starved so I'm trying to narrow down what will work best before I do treatments. I can't take another big mishap. My mother actually had the organix's coconut milk shampoo & conditioner. She gave me the remains. I just used it and my hair seemed to adore it, and Im pleased to say i had no skin reactions. Whew! Fingers crossed!! Good luck to you as well. It is frustrating when a product turns your hair to straw, and incredibly hard to know if it's one variety of protein, all, or... when using a pre mixed/manufactured product, if it's actually the protein or an added ingredient. Sigh
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