Makes sense. Although I know I am still protected, I am temping already. I was just putting it into a regular calender, but I will be using fertility friend so I can learn more about the different phases that my body will be going through during the month. Since the point of me doing this is to avoid conceiving for now, I want to make sure I do it 100% right. Since I still have hormones from the BC shot, will my first temperature rise be in a few months when those hormones are totally gone? Is there any possibility of seeing a temperature shift even if I am not ovulating yet?
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I think with residual hormones in your system, there's just no way to know what your body will do. You only recognize temp shifts after the fact (if you have temped for a really long time and know what your normal temps are, you might suspect when a rise has just happened, but to confirm O, you need 3 high temps so you still have to wait for that. Temps can also rise for reasons other than O - illness, stress, disturbed sleep, etc.) You're going to need to use a back-up barrier method for quite a while - I don't think I'd have unprotected sex at all right now if I were you.
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