Well, the drying thing must just be some weird thing then. I've had 2 hair dressers tell me that my hair is lower in porosity than most people they've ever seen. That is interesting. It takes forever to get my hair wet in the shower too. Maybe it dries quickly because less water hits it? I dunno, I will ask my newest hair dresser, who is definitely into CG for people with hair like mine. I have learned so much about my hair!
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Maybe it's not getting all the way wet? Because once low-po hair gets wet it takes forever to dry. I know that mine doesn't really get wet till I wash it, shampoo (even low-poo) has something in it that makes water 'wetter' so it can penetrate the hair some.

When I'm getting it wet I lift up the hair and let the water hit the nape hair, then let some more hair down so the middle hair can get wet, then let it all down so the top hair can finish getting wet.

When rinsing out shampoo/conditioner/whatever, same process.

But when I stick my head under the faucet in the morning it gets wet reasonably quickly, I guess that is a lot more water all hitting the hair at once.
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I think the amount of water makes a difference. If I lightly spritz it dries quickly. Sometimes too quickly because i like to manipulate on slightly wet hair. I have also noticed a difference between water drying time and water plus product drying time. That is why I learned no matter what the directions say I cannot apply leave in or stylers to soaking wet hair. It will take forever and a day to dry. I blot with a microfiber towel first and apply to damp hair and get much faster drying.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.