So I finally caught up with my DVR of Days.
Who do you think Madison's mystery caller will be?
Does any one else want Jack to just go away?
And, yay Chad and Melanie, but Abby Is going to be MAD despite the crazy crush on Austin.
Originally Posted by KurlyKae
ITA with all of this! ....I DO want Jack to go away. He gets on my nerves big time and I want Jen to be with Daniel. I've been wondering about the mystery caller. I don't have a guess, yet. I want Chad and Mel to be together too, but I think it will ruin her and Abby's friendship, which makes me sad.

And can't someone please please please "off" John??
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Used to worry 'bout rich and skinny, 'til I wound up poor and fat,
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Just think I used to worry 'bout things like that. (Delbert McClinton - I Used to Worry from Never Been Rocked Enough)