(I apologize in advance for the longish post)

I am desperately seeking advice on what could be causing this issue I am having with my hair.

I have used conditioner only on my hair for a few years but only recently started following the CG methods about a month and half ago when I was tired of my limp curls and seemingly dry hair. I had always used Garnier triple nutrition, but have found it really doesn't do much for my hair. So I tried a few different products. I tried burts bees volumizing conditoner, loved this but my hair was a bit on the frizzy (in a good way) side. I tried Naturelle's Hemp conditioner but did not get any kind of result from this good or bad. I also tried Cantu shea butter leave-in conditioner in my search for a leave in but aside from the wonderful smell had mediocre results from this too (although it did work good as a deep conditioner).

I decided I would try to cut out proteins to see how my hair would react so I tried a few protein free products. I had OK success with sauve and decent results with aussie moist. I was using the garnier as a leave in successfully but could also use the Aussie. I also made and used flax seed gel (no additives) and loved it under my regular gel (Garnier curl defining spray gel with the sprayer removed and applied manually). My hair was happy and I was happy with the results mostly and had great curl definition with less tangles and shedding. Here is a pic:

Then I decided to henna my hair and I was super happy with these results also. My hair felt stronger, like it was freshly cut and healthy, simply amazing. I had good curl using minimal product and did not need a lot of conditioner either. A picture:

Then I tried a new gel and things have gone down hill since then. I tried the garnier pure clean gel as I had ran out of the gel I normally used (garnier's curl defining spray gel). This gel left my hair feeling dry when wet, instantly tangled and just sticky and yucky so much that I immediately rinsed it out. Ever since using this gel my hair has gotten progressively worse.

My hair feels wet when I first wet it in the shower, but after few moments it feels sorta dry,matted and tangled. Any conditioner I apply feels like it is instantly absorbed and I get absolutely no slip or detangling from any conditioner. I am finding it more and more impossible to detangle my hair in the shower, to the point where it is taking my 45minutes or more just to comb thru my hair with conditioner applied to it. Any products (gel or leave-in) leave my hair feeling like it did with the Garnier pure clean gel, even flax seed gel (although I did add honey to my mix this time so that might be why?)

At first I thought maybe after henna'ing my hair did not like the conditioners I was using, so I tried Tresseme's natural silicone free (after reading good reviews from that also) and it was ok but not as good as my hair had been.

I even tried using a product with silicone, which I regret as this left my hair feeling plasticy and like barbie doll hair, heavy and limp with no curl definition at all.

I tried clarifying using V05's clarifying shampoo and garnier's triple nutrition shampoo. Since then I have only had ONE moderately successful hair day. I shampoo'd with the garnier triple nutrition shampoo and then used the sauve conditioner. My hair felt great, it detangled easily, felt sleek and smooth, not matted and tangled but I just repeated that tonite with no success at all.

I do not know what else to do. I do not want to continue to strip my hair by clarifying it further unless its absolutely necessary. I had my hair trimmed (1/2 an inch) today with my last trim about 3 months ago (I hate cutting my hair). I have not tried a protein treatment yet only because I had been focusing on giving my hair moisture and more moisture. Have I over done it on the moisture? Should I do a protein treatment or is there another cause behind my increasingly unmanagable hair?

My curl does form, but the strands seem to seperate resulting in super frizzy hair. This happens even when my hair is wet. One side of my head (the right side) seems to be tougher to detangle than the other (which seems weird to me).

I believe my hair is both normal porousity and overly porous, but I'm not entirely sure on this as I seem to find all types within my hair and I have both fine, medium and coarse hairs. And finally a pic of my hair

I figured a closer up pic would show better the lack of clumping and definition. I apologize again for the very long post, but after searching the forums (and google) trying different things, I do not know what else to do.