I absolutely understand that. I have to update something I said. The It's a 10 infact contained silk protein, not wheat. I read a incorrect ingredients list and found several with better information. I know I'm good with silk, so it was something else. I'm leaning more and more toward allergies with wheat, and other ingredients put in protein treatments. Just putting this out there because it might be helpful to someone: I have severe plant, grass, tree, hay, a.k.a pollen allergies. They have become miserably worse in the past 2 years, due to the increasingly bad winters where I live. I live in the smoky mountains of NC, btw. Much mist, fog, dew, humidity. I'm starting to pay more attention to plant extracts put in products. Im not allergic to every plant, so its going to be much trial and error. Think it's wise for me. I have a horrible hay allergy, and hay & wheat are from the same family. I don't think that protein will ever react well on me inhaled or applied topically. After re reading ingredients in a face product that made me break out, itch and swell, I found it contained aloe. That confirmed my suspicion that it's something I can't do. It's often paired with wheat protein so... Double mess. Also think I can't do sunflower topically. People can have topical reactions to things they have no issues ingesting. From now on, if I try protein, I'm going to the refrigerator to do it. Lol. I'll try some yogurt, mayo, etc... And just do strand tests. Think that's going to be the best way for me to discover sensitivities/allergies.

And P.S... Got a deep conditioning shea butter treatment last night (Cantu) that said it was safe to leave on all night. Shea does good in my hair, and Ingredients seemed okay. Left it on for 6 hours, rinsed, and my hair was dry, brittle, and hard as a rock. I start researching it's ingredients on line and found several different sites, with different ingredients list, than what was on the product I purchased. Wheat proteins!! And several cones. What I got said no proteins/cones. I flipped. Had to re wash/lay on moisture. Hair does not feel good today. Just a tip... Triple check ingredients before you try.

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