today i walked into class and a bounch of girls were hanging out in a circle, i laid down my books and walked over, my friend Mackenzie stoped talking and looked at me as i was walking over and when i said hi she said:
Did everyone curl their hair today?
Me looking at her big curling iron waves confused
Her:I mean was this planned? were like twins!
Me: Mine are natural, i took a shower this morning and put some gel in for hold.
My other friend Becky looked at my hair and her jaw dropped
Me: what? whats wrong??
Becky: its sooooo pretty! and so ringlety! your so lucky you dont have straight hair, then you'd have to straigten it every day, you can just wake up and go!
Me: thank you, i like you hair too, and curly hair is accually harder than that
Becky: oh but anyways pretty hair!

then the bell rang.

i love those little moments where someone makes you feel so good about youself even if your feeling a little self-consious! has something like this ever happend to you?post your hair compliments down below!
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