Sorry I wanted to post awhile ago, but I've been training pretty hard for awhile now and the curly stuff just took a backseat.

So here's the update...

My hair stopped shedding as much, but still sheds more than I would consider average for me. I don't live a stressful lifestyle, quite the opposite, so I don't believe this is stress related per say...and this is just going by years in college when I was super stressed and barely had any shedding vs. now that I have a harmonious life and am experiencing more shedding than I had ever had in the past.

I used a different cg friendly shampoo 1x every 2 weeks and cowashed everyday. I didn't see any difference in that change.

I've used different products--no change.

Went back to Burts Bees shampoo 1x every 2 weeks to see the difference between that and a cg friendly shampoo and---nothing. No difference.

My gut instinct is that this could be just a hormonal change in my body--not enough to need medical intervention but slight enough to see some shedding.

Since I've been nowhere near going bald and my hair thickness hasn't changed dramatically, Im not going to sweat it---not that I have been because I've just been to busy or too occupied to put a ton of mental effort into it.

Now, before I go on, I first would like to thank all of the wonderful ladies who answered my questions and offered me their advice. I truly appreciate it and you.

I must say that through this experience I have developed a bit of a pet peeve though. I am of the school of thought that one should listen to their bodies and go with their gut when they feel like something is not right with them.

Saying that, it agitates me that on other posts I've seen or have asked questions on regarding the same issue that instead of validating someone's legitimate concern, people are quick to tell you that you're probably blowing it out of proportion and you're probably only losing 50-100 hairs.

Now don't get me wrong, I think giving out that information is fine as long as you are asking if that is the amount they're losing and not assuming it's the amount their losing.

In all of my years with hair, I'm sure I have shed a normal amount of hair my entire life and never truly noticed. But when I noticed clumps of hair falling from my scalp, which was a foreign occurrence for me, the last thing I wanted or needed to hear is that it is normal shedding.

Again I am not writing this to offend anyone, just sharing my thoughts throughout this journey.

Now that I know that this is not normal for me, have been to a doctor, taken blood tests, etc (fit as a fiddle)....and am still not bald...well it has become unimportant in my life. I have faith that at some point my hair/hormones will stabilize themselves and I'll see normal shedding, but until then I know it's not anything to spend anymore time dwelling on.