Anything you'd recommend for really sensitive but also really oily skin? It would be nice to wear makeup and end up without the really red burning feeling in my skin, or break out for the next week. >.<

My skin is an oxymoron, I think.
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You mean for foundation? If so, have you tried mineral makeup, e.g., Meow Cosmetics or Valana Minerals?
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Nope I haven't. Maybe I will try that (or some kind of mineral makeup I've never heard of those brands - but I will google it).

And yes, I did mean foundation.
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Actually it worked quite well (I just got the mineral makeup from body shop, probably not the best, but it gave me more then a good idea), and my skin doesn't look so greased up at the end of the day, awesome! I still break out if I wear too often (like during the holidays).

Thanks!!! (and your profile pic is gorgeous too!).