My mom just brought me the half of a peppermint Joe-Joe cookie that has the delicious cream on it and said, "Will you eat this for me?" In what universe would I not accept this offer???????

When she got home from work, she'd brought home groceries and I was helping her put away cans and I tried to put too many in my arms, as I do, and a can of corn banged into my arm and flew onto the carpet. (It hit me pretty hard for having such a short distance to travel - I'm icing my arm right now.) As it did, I cried out, "I'm not Gus-Gus! Nooooo!" My mom's response: "You ARE!" This comes from the mice in Disney's Cinderella: There's one scene where Gus is gathering up way too much chicken feed (maybe corn, actually?) and tucking it under his chin, and Lucifer the cat is rapidly approaching, so Jacque's all, "Gus-Gus! Gus-Gus! RUUUUCIFY!!!" So Gus-Gus goes running, and all the corn/whatever comes exploding out of his arms, knocking him in the chin as it goes. My mom always seems to be there when I pull a Gus-Gus.

Sooooo I have a bruise, but I got a cookie. Universe maintaining balance?

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