ur hair in that picture looks just like mine. i dont think ur hair will ever drop. i dont have a twa anymore and my hair still doesnt drop.

i think you should stop pretending like you have curly hair. we dont all have it.
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This is a little bit harsh, but true (and even if it's curly it may not drop), and I am not trying to pile onto the OP, but sometimes (ok often) people get so caught up in looking for curls, when I thought the original idea was to just wear one's natural hair, without chemical relaxers. Or maybe it's just me. I know it's more complicated than this, but I think a lot of sites/product lines are to blame with marketing things that are geard for natural hair to curly hair, like all natural hair curls and pudding will make that happen. It creates false expectations.

Or maybe folk go natural looking for curly with healthy completely not on the list of considerations, which leads to disappointment.

I had hoped that would come out sounding more profound, but alas, not so much, but I know some of y'all get what I mean. It makes me feel some kind of way. I know we all go natural for so many reasons, but in my Pollyanna mind, most of us do it so as not to be peeling off scalp burns from relaxers and to claim their independence of forced beauty ideals.

@beadybeads...glad to see you still here. I know your introduction was rough.
4a/3c curls
Fine strands, not as densely-placed as I would like
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