Not really concerns, but just questions.

About my hair: When I BC'd it was majorly dry! It took about a month of consistent deep conditioning, heavy baggying, and moisturizing to soften and get it more moisturized. Water beads on my hair, my hair never gets thoroughly wet, and takes half the day to dry, and I only have 3.5" of hair. I can never apply a creamy product without it just sitting there.

This morning, I was determined to have a successful wash and go, so I cowashed, and then just sprayed an Aloe Vera+water+jojoba spritz and went. I had no residue or anything. It's completely dry (not wet) right now, and it is sooooo soft! No rough spots or anything.

My questions are:
How can DT effectively?
Are oils really THAT important, like when I was relaxed, I had to moisturize and seal daily, but now that I'm natural, do I still have to do that?
Since I'm LP, now that I've got moisture in my hair, will the moisture stay?
Is build-up easy to get?

Thank you!